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Monday, June 19, 2006

Suddenly Unemployed

Never did I think that I would become what most mothers inspire to be... a stay at home mom. These days it seems to be what every mom and dad inspire to be. I do agree that staying home with your children is great BUT never did I expect to get this opportunity of a lifetime. I just wanted to take you on the journey of a new stay at home mom.

My son is two and is generally a "good" two year old. I'm not sure what that means because I have never had a two year old or even had much exposure to a two year old. I do however know about "the terrible twos". I read about them in the books that they give you when leaving the hospital. The ones that you only break out when in need. You know when your child has a temperature of 107 and you start asking each other what to do? Or he starts vomiting all over you and the house and your not sure if you should take them into the hospital or put their head in the toliet. I always chose the hospital route but only to be questioned over and over again by my you really think he needs to go to the hospital just because he's burning up with a fever and throwing up and he swallowed a screw?

I just got the opportunity of a lifetime... I lost my job and became an instant stay at home mom. WOW! I'm so lucky I tell myself. Then why is it that he is in school most of the day and when I decide to take him out for a day of fun, it turns into a complete disaster? Welcome to my blog!

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Left of Center said...

Welcome to the ranks. I'm a stay at home dad with a two year old, a five year old and a seven year old now home for summer vacation. (I work some from home too) It's quite a challenge. Talk about multi tasking. Enjoy this time with your kids and good luck. they will cetainly benefit from your being there. One think we found to is that with less money coming in, we made choices to cut out that which was least important. being less of a consumer is good.