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Thursday, February 09, 2012

As a mom I dont always get time in to run so today I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and run to my dentist appointment and back. Let me first say, it's not a good idea! I went into the dentist and the run there was great but the run home was not so much fun. The dentist asked me if I would like something to help numb my gums while they cleaned my teeth. I don't normally have issues with the cleaning but I thought, Hey why not! I was thinking that they would take a Q-tip and run it over my gums so they weren't so sensitive to the machine. That was not the case and the dentist gave me a mouth wash to rinse with while I sat back in the chair. About 5 minutes into the cleaning I couldn't feel my tongue and my throat felt completely numb. I could really hardly swallow and all I could think about was my run to get back home and how to avoid biting my tongue off. The time seemed to drag on and my numbness seemed to increase as the cleaning went on and on and on. I finally got done and grabbed my running gear to leave and the dentist asked me if I wanted to take some floss and a toothbrush home. I wiped the endless drool from my mouth and muttered, no, thank you". I couldn't imagine where I would put those while trying not to bite my cheek and tongue. I ran out the door and down the street as my eyes began to water and my mouth was so numb and dry that I wasn't sure if I could even swallow my own spit. I finally made it home and was never so happy for a run to end. Please be aware the next time you think something is a good idea. The next time I get my teeth cleaned, I will take the approach of driving over and leaving my gums exposed to the pain and suffering. My tongue now fits back in my mouth today- thank God!

Monday, January 30, 2012

He doesn't bring me flowers anymore...

I asked my kids today if they thought their dad liked me. I know it's a crazy question to ask a three and eight year old but they always have a good answer that comes from an honest place so I ask. I guess sometimes I'm just not prepared for the answers they give. My three year old daughter says "I don't think so because he doesn't bring you flowers everyday". Well, she does have a point cause I can't think of the last time I received flowers. My eight year old son chimes in quickly and says "OMG, he would have to go to Costco everyday after work if he did that." There it is...the expectation of woman mixed with the logic of man. My kids teach me new things everyday and a perspective that only a 3 and 8 year old can bring. I still have to say my favorite part is when my three year old looks at me and says "I think he really does like you mom because he married you". Sometimes it takes a three year old to remind you of such a silly question.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

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My farts smell like roses, right mama!

My three year old is constantly telling me that boys are stinky but girls smell like flowers.  She farted yesterday and told me "that's OK because our farts smell like roses, right mama."  I couldn't help but chuckle a little.  She also doesn't admit to peeing the bed and in her eyes it's only because she got a little "sweaty" that night.  I loved it when my dad sent me a text when the kids stayed over and titled it "Grandpa is now sweaty too".  He wasn't very happy with waking up in his bed to her sweating on him (as she calls it).  She said "don't worry about it grandpa, I just sweated on you a little". In her eyes, she makes no mistakes and is beyond perfection in every way.

Yesterday some boys in her class stopped to say goodbye to her on her way home from preschool.  She turned put both hands on her hips and said "Bye boys!" She looked a little embarrassed as she walked to our bike to go home and said to me "Those boys don't even play with me".  I had to laugh as her sassy little body wiggled when she said it and she got into the bike with a long sigh.  I guess she has caught on to the boy/girl interaction already at three.  A little scary to me.  I heard her later on our bike ride home as she whispered to her little friend "I like you because you're a girl".  I reminded her that she has lots of boy friends but she corrected me and said "only when they play princess and purse with me. Remember mama, boys smell like potty".

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dieting with Dad

My dad had the gastric bypass surgery about 12 years ago and lost tons of weight and looked great. After all the stress of losing my brother, their house and health problems, he's put lots of it back on. I'm worried about him carrying so much weight at his age so I'm going to make this years priority to help him lose the weight and keep it off this time. After having 2 kids and having post partum I gained a good 20 pounds or so myself. At age 39 I decided that I wasn't going to just exercise but find something healthy that I liked to do. I quit trying to lose weight and focused on being healthy. I ended up being active for about 3-4 hours a day while the kids were at school. I bought P90x and did it religiously. I also ran a 6k for fun with my 8 year old and enjoyed it so I started running. I bought a watch to track my miles and I started eating healthier so I felt like running. I ended up losing 40 pounds and have kept it off for a year now. I run daily and I've done 5 races now 3 1/2 marathons and 2 full marathons. I was never a runner until now. I'm going to start a diet with dad blog and see if I can motivate my pops to lose that weight and get healthy. He has a long way to go but I know he can do it. He's an ex pro baseball player and a great motivator so this time I'm going to help him. Its his birthday next week so my gift will last him a lifetime. Wish me luck and I will keep you posted!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mama, I barfed! Mama, I pee'd in my bed!

"Mamma, I'm barfing on my bed." These are the words that echoed through my house last night. I ran up to see if my funny little man was cracking another one of his practical jokes, but unfortunately it was true- barf everywhere! I'm not sure why my kids have issues making it to the toilet to barf but it's almost like potty training, you should spend time on it because at some point it's going to save you hours of agony and cleaning. Wait, what was that? Another child screaming from the bedroom in the middle of the night. "Mama, I went pee in my bed!" I guess it's laundry day tomorrow. The nice part is that my husband loves doing laundry, he finds it therapeutic. I just find it plain boring! I guess I will get some sleep tomorrow night!

Monday, January 23, 2012

If you take out the "i" in maid it spells "MAD"

My son is home sick from school today and wakes up to tell me "Mom, I'm sick so you have to be my maid today".  I'm wondering in my head how this day seems any different to him then every other day of me doing his laundry, cooking dinner and helping him get through his daily routine.  Just staying home sick causes more work for a mom then having your child at school for the day.  Is it wrong that I get bummed because my "mom time" is suddenly cut for the day?  I guess my outdoor training will turn to indoor treadmill work and my yoga class will turn into a P90X workout online.  It's sure good that as a mom we can adapt to our many positions in the household- mom, maid, marathon runner, and meltdown mediator.  That is why mom has perfected the art of multi-tasking! Oh, I think I hear a voice calling for his maid.  Gotta go!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chair Art

I love our new chair or should I say loved our new chair. It now is less of a chair and more of an art canvas for my three year old daughter. It's hard having a young artist in the family. My son never had an interest in art and it was a struggle to get him to pick up a crayon at a restaurant for some quiet color time. Not my daughter- she will sit for hours and color which is why I didn't notice that she created a masterpiece on our new $1500 chair. Don't get me wrong her work is beautiful but trying to shove my new chair in her baby book just doesnt work. Let's hope we find something that works great on cheap crayon colors from the restaurant we went to last night. Her remarks after I asked her why she would draw on the furniture and not paper "just don't worry about it mama". I'm trying! I'm trying!

Movie night

My favorite part of today was watching my three year old sit up in her movie seat today watching Beauty and the Beast in 3D. I love sharing moments that I remember as a kid with my kids. She would look over and laugh as she popped another piece of popcorn in her mouth and washed it down with a gummy bear. On the way home she looked over and I asked her "did you like that movie?" She looked at me and says "no". She seemed to be enjoying it at the time but it just goes to show you that a little snack seems to make everything better. I rather enjoyed seeing it again for the 100th time myself. I love mommy moments!