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Friday, June 23, 2006


I use to brag to other mom's how my son wouldn't dare crawl out of his crib. Well, the other night it happened. He was given a timeout and sent to his bed because he didn't stay on the naughty mat. For those of you who don't watch "Nanny 911" you might not know of the naughty mat but that's okay because the shit doesn't really work most of the time. This happened to be one of those times. I didn't do what another mom once told me and that was to lock him inside his room with a that I found a little odd. I threw him in his crib and told him to go to bed. Well, a few minutes later he was up and out. I about shit when I saw him come down the stairs. Are you kidding me? You got out! I was PISSED! From that night on it has been a constant up and down the stairs for weeks on end. We put him in and BOOM he is downstairs seconds later. He has a cute little smirk on his face and even sometimes he goes in his hat drawer and comes down dressed up for entertainment. I have to hold back the laughter and be firm with him. "Now you have to go back to bed". He smiles and says, "I Love you Mommy". You tell him that you love him too then I pick him up to take him to bed and he kicks me and gives me a raspberry. Now the nanny show tells you to be consistent and keep taking him back to bed and don't talk to him. Your conscience tell you to beat his ass and chain him to the bed. You see after climbing the stairs up and down for an really starts to wear on you. I try to think positive about all the calories that I just burned and God knows I need it. I scream out, "I deserve a break"! Nope, there are no breaks for parents...your voice gets loud, your flushed and then the yelling at each other that it's their turn to throw his ass back in bed. I guess that is when the fights really start and your patience really starts to go. Hmmm, I can't wait for bedtime tonight.

Well, better go now, it's bathtime and I can't get him inside to take a bath. He's outside digging a hole in the dirt and throwing the extra dirt on the dogs head. I'm sitting inside writing this to you and grinning from the anticipation of dragging him kicking and screaming out of the dirt and upstairs where I hand him off to my husband for bathtime. Then we can both come downstairs and get ready for the bedtime ritual and the fight that we will have when it's all over with...ahhhh, I love being a mom!

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