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Friday, June 23, 2006

New Words

I sent my son to school hoping that at the early age of two he would begin picking up new words, phrases and learning about his ABC's and colors. I have to admit that this is happening and he is doing very well at calling out his colors and singing the ABC song. I guess you just have to weigh how important that is compared to the other things that they also pick up at school. I have been lucky enough that it hasn't got too bad so far BUT here are just a few of the things he now added to his vocab:

"Naaneenanny nanny" -this is with his tongue sticking out and hands in the ear
"OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD"- he sometimes just mumbles this in the store when he sees something that he knows would draw attention. I ignore it hoping that he will notice it doesn't get attention.
"Go Away, I don't like you"- Now he knows exactly when to use this phrase and sometimes adds the gesture he just learned at school where you stick your tongue out and blow a raspberry at someone.
"Whale Poop" - I have to admit that this one started at home (by me) but quickly caught attention at school and is now a word of choice when he is upset.

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