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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Potty Training

I just bought that video that mom's recommend for potty training. You know the one called, "Once Upon a Potty". Well, I don't know if I recommend it or not. My son who is very outgoing hasn't wanted to take a shit in his toilet since we bought the video. He sat on the couch and I made him watch it as he picks up lots from TV. He looked confused as they sang the potty song but when it got to the little cartoon boy bending over to show his butthole...It really scared the little guy. He didn't even look at me. He just kept staring at the TV and had this funny look on his face like, I didn't need to see that. He was pooping on the toilet and telling me when he felt like he had to go. He hasn't gone once on the toilet since he's watched the movie. I might recommend saving that video for a drunken night with old friends and limit the poop training to buying a potty and letting him sit on it. Throw in an award every now and then and let him flush it when he's done. He doesn't have to know that there's a hole back there and things are dropping out...shit, I'm scared myself!

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