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Monday, January 30, 2012

He doesn't bring me flowers anymore...

I asked my kids today if they thought their dad liked me. I know it's a crazy question to ask a three and eight year old but they always have a good answer that comes from an honest place so I ask. I guess sometimes I'm just not prepared for the answers they give. My three year old daughter says "I don't think so because he doesn't bring you flowers everyday". Well, she does have a point cause I can't think of the last time I received flowers. My eight year old son chimes in quickly and says "OMG, he would have to go to Costco everyday after work if he did that." There it is...the expectation of woman mixed with the logic of man. My kids teach me new things everyday and a perspective that only a 3 and 8 year old can bring. I still have to say my favorite part is when my three year old looks at me and says "I think he really does like you mom because he married you". Sometimes it takes a three year old to remind you of such a silly question.

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