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Thursday, January 26, 2012

My farts smell like roses, right mama!

My three year old is constantly telling me that boys are stinky but girls smell like flowers.  She farted yesterday and told me "that's OK because our farts smell like roses, right mama."  I couldn't help but chuckle a little.  She also doesn't admit to peeing the bed and in her eyes it's only because she got a little "sweaty" that night.  I loved it when my dad sent me a text when the kids stayed over and titled it "Grandpa is now sweaty too".  He wasn't very happy with waking up in his bed to her sweating on him (as she calls it).  She said "don't worry about it grandpa, I just sweated on you a little". In her eyes, she makes no mistakes and is beyond perfection in every way.

Yesterday some boys in her class stopped to say goodbye to her on her way home from preschool.  She turned put both hands on her hips and said "Bye boys!" She looked a little embarrassed as she walked to our bike to go home and said to me "Those boys don't even play with me".  I had to laugh as her sassy little body wiggled when she said it and she got into the bike with a long sigh.  I guess she has caught on to the boy/girl interaction already at three.  A little scary to me.  I heard her later on our bike ride home as she whispered to her little friend "I like you because you're a girl".  I reminded her that she has lots of boy friends but she corrected me and said "only when they play princess and purse with me. Remember mama, boys smell like potty".

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