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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mama, I barfed! Mama, I pee'd in my bed!

"Mamma, I'm barfing on my bed." These are the words that echoed through my house last night. I ran up to see if my funny little man was cracking another one of his practical jokes, but unfortunately it was true- barf everywhere! I'm not sure why my kids have issues making it to the toilet to barf but it's almost like potty training, you should spend time on it because at some point it's going to save you hours of agony and cleaning. Wait, what was that? Another child screaming from the bedroom in the middle of the night. "Mama, I went pee in my bed!" I guess it's laundry day tomorrow. The nice part is that my husband loves doing laundry, he finds it therapeutic. I just find it plain boring! I guess I will get some sleep tomorrow night!

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