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Thursday, February 09, 2012

As a mom I dont always get time in to run so today I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and run to my dentist appointment and back. Let me first say, it's not a good idea! I went into the dentist and the run there was great but the run home was not so much fun. The dentist asked me if I would like something to help numb my gums while they cleaned my teeth. I don't normally have issues with the cleaning but I thought, Hey why not! I was thinking that they would take a Q-tip and run it over my gums so they weren't so sensitive to the machine. That was not the case and the dentist gave me a mouth wash to rinse with while I sat back in the chair. About 5 minutes into the cleaning I couldn't feel my tongue and my throat felt completely numb. I could really hardly swallow and all I could think about was my run to get back home and how to avoid biting my tongue off. The time seemed to drag on and my numbness seemed to increase as the cleaning went on and on and on. I finally got done and grabbed my running gear to leave and the dentist asked me if I wanted to take some floss and a toothbrush home. I wiped the endless drool from my mouth and muttered, no, thank you". I couldn't imagine where I would put those while trying not to bite my cheek and tongue. I ran out the door and down the street as my eyes began to water and my mouth was so numb and dry that I wasn't sure if I could even swallow my own spit. I finally made it home and was never so happy for a run to end. Please be aware the next time you think something is a good idea. The next time I get my teeth cleaned, I will take the approach of driving over and leaving my gums exposed to the pain and suffering. My tongue now fits back in my mouth today- thank God!

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