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Monday, January 23, 2012

If you take out the "i" in maid it spells "MAD"

My son is home sick from school today and wakes up to tell me "Mom, I'm sick so you have to be my maid today".  I'm wondering in my head how this day seems any different to him then every other day of me doing his laundry, cooking dinner and helping him get through his daily routine.  Just staying home sick causes more work for a mom then having your child at school for the day.  Is it wrong that I get bummed because my "mom time" is suddenly cut for the day?  I guess my outdoor training will turn to indoor treadmill work and my yoga class will turn into a P90X workout online.  It's sure good that as a mom we can adapt to our many positions in the household- mom, maid, marathon runner, and meltdown mediator.  That is why mom has perfected the art of multi-tasking! Oh, I think I hear a voice calling for his maid.  Gotta go!

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