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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chair Art

I love our new chair or should I say loved our new chair. It now is less of a chair and more of an art canvas for my three year old daughter. It's hard having a young artist in the family. My son never had an interest in art and it was a struggle to get him to pick up a crayon at a restaurant for some quiet color time. Not my daughter- she will sit for hours and color which is why I didn't notice that she created a masterpiece on our new $1500 chair. Don't get me wrong her work is beautiful but trying to shove my new chair in her baby book just doesnt work. Let's hope we find something that works great on cheap crayon colors from the restaurant we went to last night. Her remarks after I asked her why she would draw on the furniture and not paper "just don't worry about it mama". I'm trying! I'm trying!

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