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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Who peed in the trash?

I woke up to the site of pee in the upstairs garbage can in my bathroom this morning. I wondered if it possibly could be something else but sitting on the toilet myself and staring at the floor there was no question in my mind that it for sure was urine. I quickly started to think about why someone would decide to pee in the trash and especially since the trash can was a wicker basket that would just drip on to the floor. I would hope that my husband had better judgement then that and then my four year old walked in and spilled the beans. He said something to this affect, "Mama, I peed in your garbage can this morning." He said it with great pride as though he had done something that I would be really proud of. I was so furious and wondered what could have possibly went through his little mind to make him do such a thing so I asked him. "Why would you pee in the garbage can". He laughed and said that he really didn't know but he just did it. I calmly yelled, "YOU NEVER PEE IN THE GARBAGE. WE ONLY PEE IN THE TOILET". I think he understood as I went to get a towel to clean up the mess on the floor. The garbage can is now sitting in the backyard waiting to be washed out. I hope my next one is a girl because for the life of me, I never remember having the ability to squat over a garbage can and pee. I can't take much more of this "boy fun".

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