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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Big Mouth

It really gets hard to control things once your child is old enough to make comments on their own. I find that my son is very verbal and likes to let me know "out loud" when he notices something about someone else. It's usually an uncomfortable situation for my husband and I because kids can be brutally honest and don't really get the concept at this age of "what is socially appropriate and what isn't".

So here are the things that I find really hard to ignore with a four year old:

1. I was dropping off my son at daycare and he told the nice little girl who said Hi to him that morning that he hated her. It wouldn't have been so bad but the dad asked me what he said. I told him that he's going through a stage where he really doesn't like girls. My son then tells him that he isn't and that he just hates her!

2. When I take my son to the bathroom now he gives me a blow by blow of what is happening in the restroom as though it's a sporting event. "Mom, my pee pee is not going down and the pee isn't coming. Oh, here is comes and did you hear that fart." "Mom, do you fart like that." Oh man look in the potty at my poop. It's HUGE and stinky, do you like it stinky mama." That was the biggest poop ever. Just like you and Papa, huh mama? You have big poop, right? Mama, can you wipe my butt? No not like that, it's too hard. My butt is hurting now, can you get some water and put it on my butt? MAMA, you go pee you have to poop?" Don't use this bathroom, go into the other bathroom".

3. My son is now taking notice to the differences in other people. "Mama, why is that man so little?" "Lets go talk to that little man, he looks like the little people on TV" or when he eats something that makes him full, "Mama, look at my belly, it's as big as grandpa's belly". This is usually right in front of the person. Like when he told his other grandpa, "Poppy, your belly is as big as my other grandpa's" or when he told my mom, "I don't love you as much as I love grandpa".

4. He also LOVES to talk to strangers. We had the discussion about what a stranger is but my son believes that once you talk to someone they aren't really a stranger anymore. He has a point but not exactly what I want him to argue about. Like when a man in the grocery store said hi to him and he said back to the man, "Mama and I are going home because my papa is out flying and we are going to make dinner and do you want to come over for dinner". OMG! Then there was the time that he told some random elderly person that he was really old. He even blurts out things like, "Mama, I just farted and I might have pooped a little too."

5. At birthday parties he likes to be really honest and yell out things like, "Mama, does this birthday party have any cake?" or things like, "When is the party going to start" and then I have to inform him that it already did. He also tells people if he's not having fun or that the party isn't quite up to what he was expecting. He also rates the presents and tells the kids if he thinks something that they received wasn't very cool.

6. My son just recently started answering the phone for us which you would think would be great. It's not because no matter what you're doing or who you don't want to talk to...your kids will tell them the truth. "Oh my mama, is right here but she says she doesn't want to talk to you right now." Oh the last time that he answered the phone I told him that I was going to the bathroom and that I couldn't come to the phone when it rang. He proceeded to answer the phone anway and I could hear him telling the person on the other end of the phone this, "My mama is pooping right now so she can't come to the phone. Do you want to wait for her to stop pooping." I thought that I was going to die and prayed that the person on the other end of the phone was either my parents or my husbands. He came into the bathroom and handed me the phone and I did what anyone who was using the restroom at the time would do, I hung up! I later found out it was a headhunter...needless to say that I didn't get that job either. I'm destined to be a stay at home mom forever!

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