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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kindergarten or College?

Is it really that hard to decide where to put your child for kindergarten? I will answer that for you, YES! The competition is unbelievable, the pressure is unbareable, the parents are relentless, the schools are full, the kids are competitive. What is it that is driving this force? Americans wanting their kids to be the smartest with the best jobs and support them at a ripe old age of 40. My son already has more money for college then I had saved my entire life. I didn't put it there for him, it's his grandparents that did it. My grandma opened a fund for me but we never received it because we only got the money if we died. I thought it was a college fund but it turned out later that she was putting money towards life insurance in case we died. What would we need money for after we were dead? I don't get it!

Okay back to the kindergarten stuff. We have talked to parents that are holding their children back a year from kindergarten hoping that socially they will be ready and smarter because they will be older. We have others like us who feel that its better to put them in a little early in case anything happens and they have to miss some school or stay back a year for whatever reason. We don't want our son to be 20 and graduating high school. These conversations go on daily around the neighborhood, "Should we put them in school, Should we hold them back?"

I for one am tired of the entire thing. The home schooling is sounding better everyday. If I was a little smarter and could find my way around town then I might actually decide to teach him myself. I don't think at this point that I even trust my education growing up. I wish my grandma would have turned in that life insurance policy for some college funds and I might have been able attend a college other than Chico State.

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