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Friday, July 28, 2006


I have to admit that I gave up for a while on looking for a job. It's more work then actually having a job and not to mention more depressing. You go for an interview and put yourself on display to only be critiqued by people who already have a job. It's really humiliating as they ask you questions like, " Would you be willing to work long hours and travel tons and all for little to no pay". You look at them and answer with a smile, "Of course. " When inside your really thinking that it would be great to only work a few days a week and spend time with your child and it would also be even better if the job didn't require any travel and paid twice what you were making at your last position. Funny how life doesn't seem to work out that way! Which brings me to my interview yesterday.

Hmmm, looking , looking, looking for something that fits my fat ass and I can wear to my second interview of the week. Yes, of course they loved me the first day... don't they always. It's the second day that you have to worry about and now I get to go for my second day of humiliation but this time it's with the big wig in the company. Oh and we are doing what I hate more than anything, a lunch interview. How does that work? You shove your face full of food and then someone starts grilling you with questions on how you can help their company. I never get the lunch meeting and frankly, I could live the rest of my life never going to another one. I'm more of the type that likes to get the business out of the way and go to lunch with friends. I now know why. I was at my lunch interview and the man begins being rude to the wait staff and they of course think that I actually know the man that I'm with. He goes on to tell me what I should order...he suggests that I order a salad. He even mentions that the place is pricey and that he would never have taken me there or anyone else that he works with because the food is too high in price but the atmosphere is nice and it's a good place to come because nobody else at the job can afford to eat there. He wouldn't have to worry about them seeing us interviewing. I thought, "Hmmm, this is really nice. Not only am I being told what to order but the guy is really a tight ass". He smiles and suggests a salad (cheapest thing on the menu) once again. I nod my head and smile and then he says, " You could order the Risotto if you have nothing else to do but go home and nap all day". At that point my husband said I should have ordered it and told him that I didn't have a job so I might as well order Risotto. I on the other hand needed the job so I said, "I will have the salmon salad, please".

Lunch went horrible and I quickly tried to close my bag after lunch as he asked me another gut wrenching question, "Can you travel for weeks at a time without your family minding?" Ahhh, I thought about his question and since I don't really want to be traveling tons I yelled out, "Ohhhh, sure, I use to travel tons with my last company and it was never an issue". The guilt set in and I just wanted to get out of there and home. On the way back to the office...we walked to the restaurant and most likely so he could save on gas money. He whispered to me that he hoped I wasn't looking for much money and that the job would entail long hours and hard work. I thought about how much all of that sounded too familiar. The stay at home mom thing was sounding better every minute.

I got back to my car and turned on the radio and sang to myself the rest of the ride home. All I wanted was a cold beer and funny enough...a little Risotto.

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