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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Potty Party

Last week as I was leaving swim class I overheard one of the mom's saying that she was going to have a potty party at her house over the weekend. Hmmm, is that what they call it these days...a party! I have to say that potty training at my house has been nothing like a party at all. I decided it was time to take a new approach. We would attempt the training again this weekend and we would too have a "POTTY PARTY".

The party got off to a rocky start with my son not wanting to be invited. We pulled out the big boy panties OR as my husband keeps reminding me, the underwear! It's hard to break old habits, I now know that it's important to not call your son's underwear "panties". That was just the first mistake I made. Next we pulled on the big boy undies and quickly heard the screams of, "I want my diapers back". Hmmm, not going so hot again. I quickly pulled out the card that I knew would get his attention, "Honey, you get num num's if you potty on the toilet". This did catch his attention but for the next hour all I heard was, "I WANT num num." He didn't want to use the potty but he did want the candy.

I attempted to set him up in the downstairs bathroom. I wish that someone was as nice to me. He had the convenience of a stepping stool, cushioned seat that fit his butt and fresh wipes in case we had #2. He sat down and checked it out and we waited in anticipation but NOTHING! Okay so we will try this party again later. The next time we did get some pee action and a smile came over him. He yelled out, "NUM NUM" before we were even off the toilet. As I was getting him down and helping him pull up his undies...he fell off the stool. I reached out to grab him and he slid to the side so I grabbed his side and pinched one of his balls (on accident of course). He screamed as he landed and hit his head. Ohhh NO! What had I done? He was looking at me like I just pushed him off a bridge. I smiled and tried not to panic and he told me that his pee pee hurt. Now my husband has always giving me the ball lecture and the pain it entails. I'm not sure if a two year old has any pain but I did feel extremely bad about it.

My husband came down and was ready for the potty party. I gave him the quick training and we were off. I went upstairs to get ready for the day and that is when I heard the screaming downstairs. I yelled down to see what happened and the party was over. My son was crying and my husband had a bottle of Miracle cleaner and a towel. Apparently he tried to take my son to the bathroom and he told him that he didn't have to go so he believed him and the accident happened moments later.

We put the big boy undies away for a while and I went to the store for the safer version of "training pants".

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