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Monday, April 07, 2008


I gave my son the lecture about not talking to strangers and he seemed to ask a lot of questions and act as if he really understood but it didn't last long. The next day at the park I caught him talking to random people no matter where we went. I told him again that they were strangers and that he shouldn't talk to them. This brings me to yesterday when we went to the bank to check on one of my accounts. My son went over to the coloring table and yelled to me from the kids table (which was about 20 feet away) that he was drawing and coloring in the super hero book they had. I told him to be quiet and that was okay blah blah blah. A few minutes later I looked over and he was talking with a woman who had walked into the bank and sat down in a chair close by him. He was not only talking to her but asking her to come over to the table and color with him. I guess so much for the stranger talk. He then asked her what he name was. She told him that it was Tam and he yelled over to me really loud in the bank, "SEE MOM, SHE'S NOT A STRANGER, HER NAME IS TAM." Tam waved over to me as I was talking to one of the credit managers and I waved back. About that time a man came over to the seats by my son and was waiting for his turn with the credit manager. I could hear my son asking him if he wanted to color with him then again he yelled over, "MOM, THIS IS JEFF AND HE ISN'T A STRANGER EITHER." I laughed and told my son, "Okay, I will be done in a minute" By this time all the people in the bank were laughing. He then asked his new friend Tam if she wanted to meet there again next week to color. Ahh, nothing like your son asking a stranger to meet him somewhere. As we walked out the door my son called back to both of his new friends that he would see them again next time. I quickly whipped him in the car and told him once again that he wasn't suppose to talk to strangers and even though he asked Tam and Jeff what their names were that they were still strangers. He looked at me and said, "Well, Jeff sure seemed like a nice guy to me." Sometimes I find it really hard to argue with a 4 year old.

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